Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tree Trimming Time...

Not going forward here...
Sure, getting in the yard was easy...but when we went to leave we realized there was an obstacle, namely the 100+ year old cottonwood growing in our yard.

Removing just what's needed
So Doyle just climbed up on the roof of the Road Warrior and removed the offending limbs, I was so concerned for his safety, I did what most loyal wives do at this moment, I got out the camera and took pictures!

Once again we are amazed at the sturdy construction of our Road Warrior, people spend more time on the roof than you would think, fixing this, adding that, and the Road Warrior has a strong enough roof to actually walk around on!

Free at Last

This is probably the most expensive tree removal piece of equipment ever built, and you can camp in it too!

One less thing to worry about when we pull in late at night!

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