Monday, December 6, 2010

Must Be Santa..Must Be Santa....Santa Ray!

Ray is better known by us as the "Padre", on our Historical Circuit. He is a Historical Trader with a unique, authentic shop that features everything a 1800's Fur Trader would need to explore the wild continent of America as it was then.

Ray is also all about education, he gives a very informative and historically relevant lecture on the "History of Currency" to school children at many of our Events. He makes a rather dry topic, (to most), into an interesting adventure that teaches much more about life at this time in our history than most people are aware of.

He has also consulted on many a Hollywood project over the years as a historian, succeeding in creating an accurate vision of yesterday life for many a film venture. He has also dedicated most of his life to the Boy Scouts of America, passing on his woodsman skills to many a young adventurer.

Among many lifetime accomplishments, our good friend and fellow Living Historian Ray Glazner is the official Santa at the Sawgrass Mall in Miami Florida for several years now. 

To us, he is the real Santa, his gift of storytelling, his wonderful ability to relate to children in a healthy and meaningful way, and his uncanny resemblance to Father Noel is striking.

When not dressed as Santa, Ray always takes pains to insure that even in civilian clothes, he behaves in a way that would do Saint Nicholas justice, he is often followed through stores and public places by small children who peek around store isles and parents point him out with the solemn admonition "See, you better behave, Santa is watching!"

This years theme is "Surfin' Santa" and Ray is lovin' the new digs! He was a bit hesitant at first about the new look, was worried that kids might be ready for a less traditional Santa, but it looks like the kids and parents are loving it!

We think he looks great and we are really being good this year so maybe Santa will drop by our RV and leave us some goodies.....I'm going to make Santa his favorite treat of Cheezee bread and leave it under our little tree...hint, hint.

Sawgrass Mall's Facebook fan page is here.

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