Monday, December 6, 2010

A Room with a View

Here is where we have been hiding out for the last month, Withlacoochie River Park in Dade City, Florida.

We have been staying here on and off for the last few years. We cook at a Historic Rendezvous held here every year the last week of January, as well as cook for a Flint Nap group and Hungry Star Gazers on occasion and it's a great place to hang out between events too.

It's an extremely quiet place with few visitors, in fact, we are often the only tenants for weeks at a time. We like that just fine.

In fact, I hesitated to write about this place since it might bring company, but most people aren't interested in staying in a place that has just water and 30 amp service, no sewer, showers or close restrooms,(nice restrooms over half a mile hike through the woods away!) and not close to anything!

This place is very special to us as when we first met we lived in a 12X12 Canvas Tent between Events when we were in Florida, then every year we came back we had a nicer and bigger home to live in, now we have the very nicest home we could ever aspire to and this Park has hosted us all the way through.

This is the perfect place for Doyle to recover, lots of flat, stable trails to hike that go on for miles through field, woods and riverside, ever changing scenery and most of all, quiet.

We do get the occasional Boy Scout Troop on the weekend, and there are those "Crazy Star Party" Folks who come out once a month on the dark of the moon to sing Karaoke and gaze at the heavens through huge telescopes...
but for the most part it's very quiet.

Well our secret is out, and maybe we will get some company after all...but we wont mind, we've been alone here for a month, more or less and could use some company...for a while!

I'd like to mention there is plenty of room for HUGE Rigs here...HDT's welcome, as well as tents, "Baggers" and other forms of campers. Just don't expect any amenities usually associated with finer establishments. This is roughing it...and it's really good.

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