Saturday, February 19, 2011

Historically Incorrect Club Holds First Meeting...

 OK, what happens when you get two Aboriginal Anthropological Historians, and two Anthropological Archaeologists and one Historical Librarian with over 100 years combined Native American Research together to discuss correct Aboriginal pre contact Native American clothing?

Patty, Jen, Patty's Sister, Me & Sheila

Silly, non-period correct, Electric Blue Suede Hippy Hats.

You see, nothing says "Serious Discussion Group" louder than a bunch of silly hats. It shows we take our subject matter very seriously.

It shows the immensity and importance of our knowledge in our area of study, plus our no nonsense approach to examining the past in a sober and dry manner.

You see,  if you are a stickler for authentic reproduction period clothing you tend to spend much of you time creating, studying and wearing what's right, with no compromises, no quarter given.

Soooooo, when we decide to go incorrect, we go all the way and cap ourselves in the attire that would most seriously offend the Historically Correct.

Patty, Sister, Jen, Lil' Griz, Me & Sheila
Thus, the Blue Suede Hippy Hats. We even got our resident Historically Correct Mad Hatter, Lil' Griz, (who had the afore-mentioned hideous hats hiding in the back of his van behind the incredibly well made custom hats he is renowned for making), pull them out for us and join us for a group picture in his own personal incorrect Hippy Blue Suede Hat.

We created our own "Historically Incorrect Blue Suede Hippy Hat Club" and are seriously thinking of tracking down those "Red Hat" Gals and giving them a "History Lesson" they will never forget.

Maybe not. With all the research we do, we seldom have time to "chastise" anyone but ourselves for not doing the proper documentation on a particular garment we are studying and re-creating for some ungrateful Educational Event in Anytown, USA that thinks Disney's "Pocahontas" is a true-to-life documentary.

Now, if you don't get the humor of this situation, just show it to your nearest anal historically correct type and they will explain it to you between gaffaws and helpless tears of laughter.

Resident Skunk Hat PVC Pipe Staff Goddess, Ava
And just when we had patted ourselves on the back for having offended every Historical Researcher of the Genus Librarian, we ran across our Always Historically Correct Event Photographer, Ava Francesca, sporting this outfit featuring a plastic PVC staff and shamelessly chintzy artificial skunk hat.

She beat us out for the title on points for tastelessness, cheapness and outright offensiveness in every category, including carrying it all off with an air of superior regalness that we could never hope to muster.

Kudos Ava, for shaming us all before the public with a uniquely Individual Achievement in the area of Historical Incorrectness......we gracefully and properly curtsy and graciously tip our Blue Suede Hippy Hats to you in a most proper and correct manner.


Anonymous said...

hehehe oh this is just tooooo funny!! I love it.Thanks for the morning laugh.
Pam Stands Tall Webb

Joyce "Ox Lady" Hetrick said...

TOOOOO funny!!!! I love the hats! Never seen Grizz look so well---well, once, out at the College Vous in Colorado, when he was camp doging and I made him wash dishes! Hee hee

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