Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitty Gets a Much Needed Bath

Matted and soiled the note bald hind legs...
 Yesterday was Bath Day for our new friend, she still was covered with dirt and scabs, and didn't have the strength to clean herself.

Frankly, she smelled bad and had matted fur everywhere! I didn't dare bathe her before this as she was so weak I was afraid of putting her into shock. I had to wait until she was up to it.

I gave her a lap bath, not wanting to subject her to the stress of being dunked in water, I've found even the most skittish of critters will submit to a washcloth bath, which closely simulates the way a Mother cat would cleanse her kitten.

Lap Bath

I used a specialized cat cleanser, putting a heavy towel on my lap to catch the excess water that dripped off the cat. 
I made sure the RV was warm and toweled the kitten down right away to ward off chilling her.

I also used the flea comb to loosen and remove any scabs, eggs or dirt that remained next to her skin. By the time this was done, she was almost dry already, since she has more bald spots than hair!

After her bath, kitten crawled up in the sunny window, (which has become her favorite perch), and dried quickly. 

 She still is half bald from her flea infestation, but now her coat has a chance to grow back now that the matting has been removed.

As you can see, the results are amazing, and kitten seemed very relieved to be clean!

1 comment:

Donna McNicol said...

What a difference....she is looking SO much better! I'm sure she really feels better, too!

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