Friday, February 11, 2011

New Kitty Progress Report, Day 2

Eat or drink, can't decide....
Day 2 brings us a Kitty that can walk about a bit, sleep more than a few minutes at a time and eat solid foods.

She has mostly slept today, and is getting along great with Katie Dog and Slippers, (AKA "P.W.").

As you can see from the photos.she has very little hair, her bald patches are very obvious.

OK Eat it is....Bald spots showing...
She has already shown a talent for working on the internet, she loves tip-toeing across the mouse pad and pressing the keys. Maybe she can get her own Blog: "The Travels of (Insert name here)". As it is, she is helping me edit this right now,, pet,, pet.

OK, time for a drink....
After much research and discussion among my Cat friends, most feel she is a "Maine Coon" cat. Therefore she is much younger than my first estimations, since she is from a very large breed. She is probably only two or three months old at the most.

She is super smart and friendly, despite her condition, she starts purring, (purring? More like rumbling, like a car on high idle),  as soon as you walk in the room, and has the tiniest chirp for a meow. She is still very sensitive to noises, but has become accustomed to regular household noises, she really gets upset when people drive by, but if you spent a couple weeks almost getting run over, you would be a bit jumpy too.

We thank the good folks at Dade City Animal Clinic, especially Chester W. Taylor, III, D.V.M., for talking time from their busy day to save this animal, who was a deaths door 24 hours ago. Getting professional advice on how to treat a dehydrated and flea infested cat is vital to it's survival.

If you would've asked me a month ago if we were going to take on another pet, I would have laughed, but this cat has chosen us and we can't just take her to a shelter or ignore her plight. We will wait until her scabs from flea bites heal, (she is really just one big scab, from head to toe), and then we will have her wormed. After a suitible amount of time she will be properly Spayed.

Keep the name ideas coming, we are having a great time trying them all out on her.....

We are really enjoying the names, if we can't decide, we'll just alternate between them!


Jessica Riker said...

She is going to be a beautiful cat. I would have taken her in too, poor little thing. I don't have any good name ideas, but will be interested to see what you decide her name will be. :)

Starry Dawn said...

Hello Doyle and Terri,

I have found your most wonderful blog, and I have decided to follow it. What it really caught my eye is your new cat, the one you have rescued from dying in the streets. I am an animal lover, an animal's advocate and a conservationist of our natural environment. I am happy to discover that there are other people who feel in the same way, and are compassionate with the animals in need. I love cats. I have rescued many dozens of homeless cats in my lifetime. Now, I have 4 at home. I may suggest you call your beautiful kitty cat, "BOOTS", since she looks as if she is wearing boots in her paws. Have you noticed that in the picture?? She is certainly a wonderful and loving cat. You have been a real blessing in her life, for you rescued her. God is showing you the way. My 4 cats'names are Frank (16 years old), Mimmo, Ositoy and Sonya who are 9. The last 3 were homeless kittens abandoned in a hospital backyard, and my hubby -who is a medical surgeon- found them and brought them home when they were 15 days old. I bottled fed them for a while until they grew up to call me "MOM"!!
They all love me, and they are my best friends.
They sleep with me every day, and they keep me company at all times. My cats are a real blessing into my life. They make me feel loved and wanted!! They also make me feel somebody.
Well, good luck with your kitten, Doyle and Terri. God's richest blessings may always abound in your lives, and those you love!!
I'll be praying for your cat to get better.
By the way, I am also a Christian Poet and Writer. Thank you for sharing your touching story with the whole world, Doyle and Terri!!
All the Best,
Starry Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Cindy says to name the kitten either "Spatula" or "Kitteh".
We look forward to seeing you guys soon!!

Garrett Harper

karylsquilts said...

~ Felix ~

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