Friday, March 25, 2011

Best of Custom "So Ugly it's Cool" Campers

Some days you eat the camper, some days the camper eats you

Solar Panel Installation Gone Extreme

This is the one camper you don't knock on the door of and ask for a tour 
Pride of Ownership Shows...

Defying Gravity Everywhere

This comes under the heading of Boondocking To the Tenth Power....Solar Power that is...

Got to be Texas...just has to be Texas

Why? That's all I can say....

I have nightmares about being behind this one on the interstate

So, you have a VW bus, a school bus and a slide in the yard, this is what you do with it!
The great paint job pulls it all together
I used to have a school bus camper I converted myself, I now realize I have no imagination at all.

This one gets my "Extreme Build for No Apparent Reason" award.

Bird? Plane? Road Rocket?

And the "What the Heck Is This Award?"


Donna K said...

Absolutely hilarious...loved the photos!

M.Usman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
salguod said...

The blue and white one is named Sham - Rock - Away. has a post on it and its creator somewhere. I saw it as a kid in Ohio in the 70s. Where did you get the picture?

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