Saturday, March 19, 2011

Latest Kitty Update, Improving Everyday!

BC, as we call her these doing better, her progress seems slow, but considering what she's been through, we are happy she seems to have come through it with with few if any emotional scars.
Fine, you may take my picture....

She is super friendly and loves to snuggle, every morning she has to be on Doyle's lap for as long as he can stand it, then she has to have her special time with me, she prefers Doyle mostly, as every time she sits with me, I get out the brush and flea comb to work on her coat. She tolerates it well but I have to groom her daily as she hasn't the ability to clean herself effectively yet and it's a bit too much stimulation for her sometimes.

The most pathetic thing is when she imagines she has an itch, she has something akin to a seizure trying to scratch herself and I have to intervene and calm her down or she scratches until she draws blood. The "fits" are getting less and less as she is healing and clean so there is less for her to get frantic about.

Mostly she sleeps and sleeps, with occasional bouts of energy that last about half an hour, then she tires quickly and has to nap. 

She has gained remarkable weight and is growing like a weed, so I think that's what keeps her tired all the time. She is very weak, but is making progress jumping and climbing up the couch.

She lives on the back of the couch, looking out the window. You can actually see it in her eyes as she gazes out, you can tell she's very grateful to be inside and safe. She showed signs of animal attacks, her tail is broken in two places and we may have to have the tip of her tail amputated if it doesn't heal, but all signs point towards it not mortifying at this time.

That's enough pictures for now, I need my nap!
I'm waiting for her to wake up this morning so I can snap some pics, but she isn't cooperating, she had her active period for about an hour this morning and went back to her perch for a nap....


"Cashy" and Tim, Albert Lea, MN said...

she's looking great Terri... you did such a wonderful thing

Jessica Riker said...

She is so beautiful - I am so glad that she found you guys. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I am sure I could find you a dozen more. Then you can really have a cat house. LOL

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