Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Bedroom TV Wall Mount in an RV

Looks like someone forgot to dust...

 Here is the way we added a TV bracket to our RV bedroom, we couldn't find stud support for the bracket, so we added a 3/4 inch plywood laminate board, (from an old desk), to the wall and screwed it in securely to the top and bottom where we knew there was support.
So far it has held up for more the 3,000 miles.

We then screwed the bracket to the board  and used a strap down to secure the TV to the bracket when folded up.

We found the bracket at Sam's club for about $75.00, we liked this bracket and paid more for it because it not only pulls out but swivels up and down.

Click here to see how we hid the wires on our large Flat screen TV in the Living room!


Unknown said...

Very good post! Thanks a lot. Total Home Windows & Doors

Unknown said...

Love this tilt mount from Bizarkdeal. I have had 3 other brands, this one is the best. It assembled easily, is sturdy in construction, and supports the 55" TV just fine! I also like the straps that you use to release it from the wall. I am going to buy another one to replace the fixed mount tv in my bedroom.

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