Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cooking Chicken on a Can Thingy...

Prairie du Chien WI
Today's picture is from Doyle again, he caught the birth of a storm cloud outside at sunset, though it looks small now, I'm sure it caused trouble later on for the people out East of us.

We are doing fine, I went to the Dr about my back, it's the first time I have seen a Dr in over a decade. She looked me over and declared it a strain and not something worse, thank goodness, and she gave me some great drugs! It's been a long time since I needed anything more than a Tylenol....the muscle relaxers are doing their job and I've been resting like I should.

Poor Doyle has had to take are of me like a little kid, but he has risen to the occasion like a champ!
Here is our new Chicken Cooking Thingy, one of those things you see at the camping store and just have to get, regardless of the fact we don't have room for it and it's hard to clean...but it makes FANTASTIC chicken. I gather you can cook a turkey on it also, but we would have problems fitting it in the oven....

It's built on the theory by those folks who started cooking chickens on end by standing the carcass on a beer or soda can to make it cook faster and taste better.

This little unit works very well,I just rubbed some garlic inside the cavity, filled the tube with Gluten Free Teriaki and slathered mayonaise of the outside of the bird with a sprinkling of sage and thyme.

Mayonnaise? Yes, mayonnaise. It works great on poultry to be roasted, it makes a great crispy coating when done. It's one of those things you have to try yourself before you become a believer.

My next trial will involve slathering the bird with PEANUT BUTTER before roasting, stay tuned for the results!

By the way, the reason there are no "after" pictures of the bird is that Doyle brought it in and cut it up so quick, I didn't have time to snap a pic. It was that good!


Donna K said...

Okay, mayonnaise maybe, but PEANUT BUTTER??? This I will have to see to believe, although at our lunch stop yesterday there was a sign that offered peanut butter on your hamburger for an extra 25 cents! Be sure and get some pictures next time before the bird is all gone.☺

karylsquilts said...

good idea, Ill dig out my can thingy and do chicken tonite also. Always good with few herbys!!!

Karen and Tony said...

Hi Terri and Doyle,

Terri - I'm glad that you're feeling better!

You probably don't remember but a few months ago I sent you a PM on RVNet with some questions that I had about the Kindle. We bought one a couple of weeks ago-the one with 3G- and so far we're loving it. I'm trying to keep my hands off of it because I really got it for Tony and I don't want to end up stealing his toy!;)

Anyway thanks for the advise. I ordered it through your Amazon link. I know you don't get much but every little bit helps.

How long did it take to cook the chicken?

MyTinyTropicalGarden said...

Thank you for buying through my site! Every little bit helps! I hope you enjoy your new Kindle as much as I do! My husband uses my Kindle too, he's going to have to get his own soon.

We cooked the chicken for one hour forty five minutes, it was a 4lb. bird and our convection grill cooks at 400 degrees.

I got hooked on peanut butter chicken at the local Chinese place, but I can't eat there any more because they use MSG, I'm hoping it will stick and not just melt off....

Karyl: Let me know how it comes out!

DeanO said...

That's the way to do it...a 1/2 full beer can gives the chicken great moisture and flavor - all you need is a salad, salsa and bread

I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. lookin' forward to picture of yer peanut butter bird. I.M. also thinkin' this are givin' new meanin' to the term: gotta use the can.

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