Saturday, April 21, 2012

One More Day At The Beach

Above is a Panorama Photo I made with my new camera, it has a program that "stitches" photos together. Pretty Nifty, eh?

The picture to the right I call "Vacation's Over", someone apparently decided to leave the beach and not take this
"Infinite Puzzle" chair with them, from the looks of it, it was a good idea.

Below are some other great pics of things not usually photographed at the beach....

I'm not sure what all these flowers are, if anyone knows, drop me a comment and I will amend this post.

Doyle thinks the flowers on the left are Bachelor Buttons, I think they are just pretty...

Below is something you don't see often, fire charred palm trees making a comeback, beach areas are often burned off or they become tangled and a huge fire hazard.

Here we are, bags and satchels full of shells, enjoying our last day, (this season), at the beach.

I was hard to say Goodbye but we leave knowing the ocean will be here waiting patiently for us.

And finally, the magnolias decided to bloom this year before we leave, the air is heavy with their scent and I'm thrilled because it's the first year they bloomed before our departure!


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Wonderful pics -- makes me want to go to the beach! Be safe in your travels.

Ryan at Travel and Graphs said...

I want the chair, it looks kind of cool! poor little guy, being left there all alone.

Enjoy your travels after the beach!

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