Friday, July 6, 2012

Sarcastic Luxury Caravan Motor Coach from A-Cero Review

Luxury Caravan from A-Cero

luxury caravan
Some time ago we’ve shown you luxury caravan Futuria and now you have a chance to compare it with another one created by architectural studio A-Cero managed by Joaquin Torres. This mobile home was created for long term living and has everything you might need for this even a garage. All furniture is created from Corian to minimize vibration while movement. Interior is created in minimalistic style and could be easily called elegant. So move on and take a look at this luxury RV.

luxury caravan
Maybe that Mercedes logo should be a big bigger, but overall, it's not bad looking on the outside... a little top heavy maybe...
luxury caravan
luxury caravan
Look! It has a Baby Car, although it doesn't really look like it will fit in the small door...
luxury caravan
I'm sorry, this model gets my "Looks like a Blood Bank Mobile" Award for sterility, utilitarian layout and discomfort of living features!

The only departure from the Sterile Medical Clinic White is spotted cow hide interior? Are you joking? It cries out for a three legged stool and a straw bale to give the place a little TEXTURE!

And the Dining area, nothing says "Hospital Cafeteria" more than sitting down at a narrow ledge counter for your dining pleasure! Eliminating the Clinical backless chairs would be a smart move since you can't get around scraping those chairs in and out to access them or move through the coach, Oooooh, maybe they are nailed down for the complete "Doctors Office" experience!

The place mats remind me of those foam noodles you use in the pool sliced up and hot glue gunned together, I can just see the incredibly expensive Graphic Interior Designer laughing all the way to the bank on that little farce, ("I can't believe they actually bought into the "Noodle Mats")!

luxury caravan
It is so white on the interior you won't be able to tell where the walls are and you will be continually staggering into them, and don't plan on ever letting anyone, including yourself walk into this thing without taking a shower and donning a sterile suit because the first thing you touch on those glossy surfaces is going to leave a hideous mark!

It that a projection TV I see on the smoked glass wall? Hmmmmm. Something tells me this is not such a good idea with glare and all, but maybe the glare isn't too bad because the windows are all so very tiny, what is wrong with RV designers not wanting us to see outside? Maybe the view is not so good in the million dollar RV parks where they cram you all in together like a Walmart parking lot so you don't want to see outside...

And the couch, millions of dollars to spend and the only couch they could come up with is your standard cut foam angular seating, I'll bet there's cup holders carved out of the couch arms! Here's a suggestion from "Ugly Couch Building 101" College Design Class, say you build an ugly white couch which seems to be covered with Martha Stewart cheap wrinkled sheets and want to make it look chic, put a light under it! Light up your swollen ankles and highlight your varicose veins for all the world to see! I've got ten bucks says the couch converts into an equally tasteless and uncomfortable foam bed for unwanted company....
 luxury caravan

The bedroom should have a sign that says "Not Actually for Use by Human Beings, for Show Purposes Only!" It reminds me of the bedroom in the final scenes of 2001 Space Odyssey almost expect to see an old man under the covers and a fetus floating nearby.

The bathroom features mirror on every wall and no evidence of a toilet, after all, who would want to see themselves life sized taking a dump? You would not catch me naked in this room....ever. And a tub? Obviously all of these futuristic RV's have unlimited water storage and waste facilities...

Just another example of designers who have never actually camped making the million dollar design mistake of a lifetime. This one gets a big fat Zero and my "What were you thinking... Award"! The only possible way this unit could redeem itself was if you hated your neighbor and you parked this puppy out in front of his house, he would never enjoy the feel of the sun on his lawn again.
luxury caravan

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