Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our New RV Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Rebuild and Fifth Wheel Cargo Rebuild into an RV

With our lifestyle changing we had to rethink our Trailer design. I was trying to make jewelry and crafts in the same 9 square feet that I eat, relaxed, cruised the net and socialized in. If I wanted to do one thing, I had to put away ten others first, if I got immersed in creativity there would be drifts of supplies surrounding my desk area that made daily duties and relaxation a challenge, to say the least. Not to say it couldn't be done, it was just getting to be daunting.

Then there was my health. Suffice it to say I had become a "Trailer Wife" over the past two years, I would accompany my husband to Events and try to be involved, only to have a health setback and end up isolated in the trailer, often depressed and in considerable pain, not to mention the stress I caused my husband as he tried to make a living while being worried to death over my condition.

After a great deal of soul searching and a dose of reality about our situation, we decided we needed a stable home base that I could retreat to with health related facilities, (pool for water aerobics, heated spa for sore muscles, walking paths, regular aerobics, medical facilities nearby, etc...), and a place that would serve as a final retirement area when we became unable to travel. This plan always was in place for the distant future, but it became apparent that we had to move up our timeline and take action now.

New Fifth Wheel Cargo Trailer
Several months ago I began to build and stock etsy shops where I showcased both my husbands and my jewelry and crafts, we have had some success there and we have also looked into teaching at Historic Events instead of hauling our huge kitchen setup all around the country with a diminished capability to set it up and run it ourselves. We have also considered just selling our Root beer at different venues and setting up and selling our crafts at Art Fairs. All of these ideas involve less physical interaction on our part and a more creative lifestyle.

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Not that we won't miss the road and cooking in the kitchen, in fact, Doyle has obtained good help and will be still setting up at Events for some time yet, we plan on fulfilling our full schedule this season, as well as the next if everything goes well. The difference will be that, for the most part, I will remain in Florida at the RV Park in the Fifth Wheeler while Doyle takes a fifth wheel cargo trailer with living quarters on the road with one or two good people to help.

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To that end we found the idea trailer for our purposes on Craig's List, it's a 24" Fifth wheel trailer with 18,000lb. carrying capability. It has a completely open floor plan so we can at first just move everything from the Toy Hauler into the cargo hauler without having to rebuild our shelving system and then we will rebuild the front header into living quarters to make Doyle's, (and sometimes mine when I am well enough to travel), life more comfortable.

This will then allow us to open up the back garage area of the Toy Hauler and build it into a Crafts workshop for both Doyle and I to engage in our crafting activities and be able to make a mess as needed without compromising our living area.

We also will be able to look at getting a golf cart and kayaks if we so desire and have a place to house them when we commute.

When we are not attending Events, we will be able to store the cargo trailer at the RV park in their storage area for a nominal fee, or leave it up north and just travel back and forth in the truck, saving fuel and not having to constantly battle the traffic back and forth.

On one hand, it's wonderful to think we will be gaining so much more living and work space, on the other it is a mixed bag of sadness of my not being able to continue to contribute in a physically meaningful way to the endeavor we we built together and love so very much. But, successful survival depends on our ability to judge reality with certainty and then to adapt accordingly. We have lost too many friends as of late who just kept slogging along until the end, which perhaps was their choice and preferred way to expire, but for us, we would rather slow down and perhaps gain a few more precious years.

Stay tuned for Doyle's and My clever rebuild of both trailers!


Anonymous said...

Making changes is hard for anyone. But we have to think about our health! We also need to make change for ourselves! It is a hard decision. Many garage sales, selling our wood products at rendezvous, is tough! Traveling is hard, as you both know is tough. Take care & God Bless!

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