Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Find a Home at Shell Creek Resort, Punta Gorda Florida

Our 2 year old Toy Hauler Still Looks Great!

Our New Lot, Plenty of room considering how large we are!
We have finally found the RV Park of our dreams at Shell Creek Campground in Punta Gorda Florida!

It's right on Shell Creek so we can indulge in our Kayaking adventures, close to the Gulf Beaches, (Nokomis, Captiva and Sanibel, and has a wonderful Pool and Hot Tub!

Doyle heads out for a swim...
I'm especially looking forward to the Craft get togethers and water aerobics classes, I haven't been able to work out for a long time and low impact water aerobics are the perfect way to build ones health back up slowly!

I'm sorry I have taken so long to post, I have been ill and I didn't want to write about it, suffice it to say I am on the mend now and living it up at Shell Creek, the perfect medicine for a weary Road Warrior.

The LOVELY Pool Area graced with Palms
Shell Creek is a "Carefree" RV Resort so it has all the amenities at a reasonable price. We are even tempted to buy a Park Model here, they have several available at good prices. but I'm not ready to move out of my Fifth Wheel yet, still holding up and still looking great, (Thanks to the Good Folks at Noble RV).

Before coming down this Fall, we stopped by and had them give the Old Girl a though going over and a good scrubbing, well worth the money to make sure she was ship shape and ready to roll to Florida!

Doyle tests the pool temp
We've taken the entire Winter off to try and build back up our health, we certainly have had our challenges health wise the last few years but we have never regretted living Full Time and it never kept us from enjoying our life of freedom.

We have met so many wonderful people on the road and in the many RV parks we have stayed at, we are excited to make new friends at this new place, many have stopped by to meet us and invite us to the many social functions that take place here.

We have spent the last 6 years looking for the perfect place to "Take root" and we think we have finally found it!

Doyle settles in...
One of the things that really sold this place to me was to go to the laundry area and find CLOTHES LINES. I love to hang my stuff out and usually RV parks prohibit "unsightly" laundry from being hung, this place encourages it! It tells you a lot about a place that thinks enough of you to allow laundry hanging!

The grounds are kept immaculate and there is very little traffic and noise, wildlife is everywhere!

Can you tell I LOVE this PLACE?
It's a bit off the beaten track for most people, the nearest "Big" store is 10 miles away, which is too far for some folks, but we don't mind the trade off at all!

I highly recommend this place to other Snow Birds and Full Timers, the long term rates are competitive with other RV Parks that offer much less for the money.

The Staff is wonderful, especially Judy, who runs this ship with an iron hand but with more grace and patience than a person is normally endowed with.

If you in the area, drop by and visit, (don't be surprised if we are out and about, we may be trying to do something about the Bluegill overpopulation on the Creek or swimming in the pool, but ask anyone and they'll probably be able to point out where we went....

Great to be back and posting, hope you and yours are doing well and are having a great time On The Road!


Gsharper13 said...

Good to see your still kicking. Was starting to worry.

Diggin Your Ancestors said...

Happy to hear that you are healing! And congratulations on finding a beautiful home in Florida!

Jennie Kile "Dancing Feet" said...

Sounds great! Glad that you are feeling better. Was worried about you!

John Hineses said...

Being happy, relax is the best thing to be cured along with your love ones and your family. Specially if you stay in a place like that.. So relaxing. I want to meditate in Shell Creek Campground ^_^

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