Saturday, September 3, 2016

How Depression and Anxiety Manifests in an RV, Before and After the Storm

The organizational project of my Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV is going very well. But, I feel a bit of the backstory as touching the cause and effect of my depression is in order at this moment.
My latest Remodel of Our Toy Hauler Garage into Craft and Music Room
My Clutter and Depression Hand in Hand
When I became ill two years ago I was in  incapable of housekeeping for sometime. This caused me a lot of stress and anxiety because before this I had always been so proud of my RV.

Also, during my illness my husband was required to be on the road making a living so he was not able to take care of household duties. I worked out a simple system of housekeeping but it wasn't enough to keep clutter at bay.

 There were days and sometimes several days in a row where I would be bed bound barely able to do more than get up and cook for myself. This meant that regular cleaning duties were neglected and that in moving from room to room I tended to leave things out and not put back in their proper place. This contributed to an overall general cluttered appearance annoyed me to no end but there was very little I could do about it considering my health at the time.
How Anxiety and Depression manifests

 Once I started to feel a little better I was completely overwhelmed by the mess that I had left in my wake. I felt helpless. I felt anxious. I made several changes to my lifestyle that resulted in my depression and anxiety lifting.

I will be discussing those changes in the next few posts. This resulted in me being finally able within the last couple of months to get to the point where I could start doing some meaningful cleaning.

I started with the bedroom this by far was the worst area in my mind. I had gone so far as to sleeping in the back garage in a zero gravity lawn chair with blankets because I had felt so confined for so long in that small area. It was cluttered and depressing. it didn't take me long though once I felt better to completely muck out that room and make it better.
Add caption

This encouraged me so much to continue in my efforts and also to document, ashamed as I was. I wanted to be able to show other people that yes, illness does cause decay, illness does cause messes, but that once the Illness is better you can start to rebuild once again  and help regain not only your dignity but begin to win the battle with your depression.

 I will not make light of my depression and say it was caused by a messy house, it is so much more complex than that and I will not belittle those who suffer depression despite having the cleanest house in the universe. Often depression and cleanliness go hand-in-hand. I have found the women who have the most organized and the most clean houses are often the most unhappy.

Often because they're living a life of unrealistic expectations. They are expected to keep their house perfect therefore they are depressed and anxious about being able to continue fulfilling that role and therefore base their value or self-worth on there being able to fill that role.

BH and G Shelving
In my case my cleaning and organizing did not commence until I began to overcome my anxiety and my depression not the other way around.

With the bedroom organized I now turned my attention to the back living room of my toy hauler. it had become a catchall for everything from crafts to overstock dry goods such as paper towels. if it came in the door it generally ended up in the back room until I could deal with it. Now I wanted to reclaim that space once again.

With that in mind I begin sorting and moving things from the music/craft room into the main living area of the RV, in effect, emptying it out so that I could start fresh. These pictures show how things looked before during and then after my efforts.

Using  this type of system I was finally able to give my record album collection a suitable home other than in various totes of the Rubbermaid kind and was able also to put on the bottom shelves various craft satchels full of tools that I often used but no longer wanted to have just sitting out in the open.

The rubbermaid totes I was able to empty
I hope that my organization experience gives you ideas for either freshening up your own home or helps you organize your RV.  I hope also it gives you an honest and brutal look at what it's really like to be chronically ill and then fall into a depression where things get out of hand, which they do very quickly in a smaller home like an RV.

 I'm humiliating myself by showing the before pictures, I know this well, but in doing so I hope to reach out to my brothers and sisters who are out there, who live alone and who really need encouragement in order to get up today and do something to make themselves feel a little better. You are not alone! I care about you even if the only thing you do today is just get up and take care of yourself!
View of the Music Craft room from rear

There are many of us suffering just as you do every day and I'd like you to know that whether your house is neat as a pin or become something like a scene out of hoarders, that you can change whatever you have to in order to find you and to have a better life. The hopeless should never lose hope.

Once you begin to feel better, and eventually you will, you can take the time to make your home once again a wonderful place to be. Until then you still have great value to the universe and should never judge yourself for not having a perfect home.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Redesigning My Full Time RV Craft Room, Cube Storage Shelving

 Since I have started to feel better I have noticed that it's time to remodel my crafts and music Studio area.  I researched IKEA cube shelving and found it to be a bit too expensive for my taste.  I then took a look at Walmarts offering which is Better Homes and Gardens cube shelving.
BH&G Shelving 4 Cube

Simple and straighforward 

Step one, middle shelf

Assembled Cube Shelf  
Shelving in the Garage Craft Room

Saving this much tote storage in one place! 
 Cube shelving is called that because of that square modular shape.  It's also nice because it comes in several basic shapes, 3 cube, 4 cube, 6 cube and 8. You can also stack units in any way you desire.  The units that Walmart had previously offered were truly not up to standards. They tend to fall apart and weren't very stable. You couldn't put records or anything of weight on the shelves themselves.

Still waiting for 8 cube unit to get here today!
 But with the advent of IKEA's cube shelving and its popularity, Walmart decided to up its game by introducing Better Homed and Gardens cube shelving. The basic  cube size is 13 x 13" making it ideal for storing record albums as well as small fiber totes and even the shoebox sized plastic totes we crafters love.

I wanted to buy the better price BH and G shelves  but was unable to actually pick them up at the store load them in my small Prius and bring them home. Thankfully Walmart now has a great mail order site that offers fast free shipping to my door using FedEx.  This made it possible for me to order the cube shelves and have them delivered right to my doorstep within three days of ordering. The driver was even nice enough to help me get the boxes inside so it was literally no effort on my part.

 The shelves were easy to assemble. All parts were present. The instructions were clear. In no time my first set of 4 cube shelving was in place.  I am so excited to say that they match my interior they don't seem to take up a lot of space you will space which is so important to us RV Owners.  I'm looking for more places to fit more cube shelving and looking forward to getting my clutter organize once again so I can begin my beloved jewelry making and crafting once again.

 This type of shelving is also available from Amazon, (IKEA Kallax), as well as Walmart but I chose ordering from Walmart because Walmart excepts PayPal for payment and Amazon does not.  I keep my fun money in my PayPal account instead of my bank account and I don't like racking up remodeling costs on my credit cards.

 If you are looking for a very customizable set of shelving units you really can't go wrong with these cells. They come in a variety of colors including a fire engine red. I had a hard time deciding between the black shelves which would match my Decor,  or the blonde which would help make them not look so bulky. I went with the blonde shelves and I think I made the right choice they seem lighter and better suited to blending into my garage area in my toy hauler.

 It's nice to be feeling better and getting excited about cleaning and organizing my home once again to the point to where I can enjoy those activities that I have missed out on for so very long. These cube shelves are going to help me in that easy to access easy to clean and easy to move around when needed.

 When moving or traveling in the RV I am  confident they would stay very nicely in place without shifting or falling over depending upon the amount of weight upon the shelves themselves. You may have to move some items off the shelving onto the adjacent floor when traveling such as loose boxes and such but it could be easily arranged to wrap straps around the cube shelving itself to hold items in place on the shelving. The shelving also could be secured to the wall's itself but I like the idea of being able to move the units around whenever I feel like it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dealing with Depression On the Road (part 2) - Chronic Illness and the Full Time RV Life

Imagine waking up one morning and you are no longer the person who went to bed the night before. Imagine being the best at something and then one day it stops. 

This has happened to me. I am the worlds only primitive, pre contact aboriginal garment expert/maker/restorer in the world. I studied and researched this area because of my heritage of mixed Native American/Norwegian and had discovered there were only two people in the world who had as much backround as I did. I was lauded by the few people who are actually interested in this area of study and was very proud of the work I had done. 

I have dozens of period appropriate hand tanned deer and elk hides and had produced several garments that were stunning examples of pre contact design. I have pounds of seed beads, shell beads and sinew thread with which I diligently created two example garments that had not been seen by human eye since the early 1800's. 

Then one day it stopped. I'm not sure when exactly. I know it had something to do with when I became ill, but I have always had one health problem or another so I can't say it played an important role on my destruction. 

I also had this very popular blog that you are reading now. I posted, at the very least, once a week for over 5 years. That stopped. 

I had always been a clean freak about my RV. I was so meticulous I joked that my DH wasn't allowed to live inside with me. I would deep clean at least every six months and organizing my storage areas was my passion.

Now I saw everything I ever did as being futile and irrelevant. Dust bunnies began to grow and projects on dress forms went from being covered in sheets like sad ghosts to being undressed, the regalia being bundled into the overhead loft and the forms taken to storage several miles away.

I had a small online ecigarette business that suddenly became a burden and an actual dreaded experience. I developed a phobia about checking my orders and an unreal dread when I had to deal with anything to do with the business. Going to the Post Office became a nightmare filled with horror.

I made tribally inspired jewelry that sold well on my etsy site. I was actually starting to get the prices I demanded for my work. Overnight I lost all interest and shut the shop down, the jewelry making tools hastily conscripted to whatever drawer that was handy, instead of being carefully organized as they always were.

Even in the evening watching TV with the DH I was always a person who had a project at hand working well into the night. I had always been this way, either knitting, or cooking or making jewelry, all the while chatting up a storm if anyone was around and content to while away the hours crafting and creating if I was alone.

Suddenly I was a different person and didn't know who I was anymore. it was as if I woke up and saw the futility of everything. I now could only see death and despair, the real meaning of life became that you are born, struggle and then disappear, with no one noting your passing. Everything was a cruel joke. 

My lifelong spirituality that had got me through being tortured as a child and had held me stable and strong as a reluctant single parent and got me through my DH's major illness evaporated and left me mindfully naked and ashamed of everything I had ever done. Somehow I had failed miserably and was weighed and found wanting in my own mind.

I spent day after day just sitting and staring out the window. Not even thinking, just staring at the wind in the oaks and the palms. Vacant. Sad, as if a good friend had died. In retrospect, that friend was me, but I wouldn't see it for a couple years. 

I am just now coming back. I don't know if I will ever get back to what I spent half my life studying to be. But I know I have to find myself in order to come out from under it. 

I know I am very different than I thought I was.. the scales are falling from my eyes.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Chronic Illness and the Full Time RV Life - Dealing with Depression On the Road (part 1)

I have had a pretty rough road to ride the last few years living full Time in Our Road Warrior Toy Hauler. But we never lost the vision of what we set out to do, and are glad we didn't give up and quit our lifestyle. Imagine having everything you ever wanted, freedom and the ability to work on the road as needed to take care of yourselves and your bills. And then one day you can't. A crushing blow, by any means, but if we would have lived in a traditional house the result would have been the same. We joined millions of Americans who suddenly found themselves sick, homeless and unable to get insurance. But we never gave up. I hope to chronicle our experience to show others what can be done and that if they are suffering, as we did, that they do not suffer alone. We Full Timers need to stick together and stay free for as long as we can.. to say we are a dying breed is an understatement, and since the collapse of the economic system we are being joined by many who now share our lifestyle by force, and not by choice. I want to reach out to them and say 'Welcome to our world, you are not alone'.

At first my DH, (Dear Husband), was the one to worry about incessantly, he had a terrible aneurysm that almost took his life. Thankfully he was saved in the 11 hour by successful surgery and after 5 years of taking his meds and slowly rebuilding his strength,  he was able to resume his position as head of household.

Almost the day he became able to work again, my health suddenly gave out. Possibly it was a backlash of being a full time caregiver and having to run our small meager business, but mostly it was Kidney Disease, Chron's and having an aging titanium neck implant that finally brought me to my knees. 

Sickness was unknown to me, Of course I had always had stomach trouble starting with ulcers in high school, and the kidney disease I suffered with was something that could be controlled by diet and copious amounts of water. All of these conditions were treatable without the need for active Doctor intervention. I had been gluten free for years because of my digestive issue, also I had suffered from seasonal depression that we call, "Cabin Fever" back where I come from.

I had given birth to three healthy boys in my lifetime and successfully raised them with only the occasional terrible accident to put me in the hospital, including the time I was is a horse training accident and broke my neck, requiring a titanium implant to hold my head on.. so I suffered from chronic pain, but I managed it well with yoga, and just putting up with it.

But this time there was no clear indication of just what my problem was and I had just missed out on the deadline to apply for the newly offered Obamacare. Even if i would have become eligible I never would have been able to afford the premiums.. for Doyle and I it would have been more than $2,000 a month, more than our collective income, both of us having previous medical conditions.

So quickly it became obvious that we were drowning in medical bills. First Doyle's bills that were not covered by medicare and within a 6 month period I had two emergency rooms visits that totaled more than all the debts I had ever acquired in a lifetime.

This was a very odd situation for me. I had always paid my debts. I had always paid my bills. I had never applied for or received and kind of government assistance.

This was the beginning of an eye opening experience of being uninsured, and therefore not sick by medical standards. I would go to see a Doctor in the emergency room and upon hearing I had no insurance, suddenly there was nothing wrong with me. I even had the experience of going to the emergency room to be told by three Doctors that I had a hot gallbladder that needed immediate emergency removal surgery. After consult with accounting I was loaded up on antibiotics, saline and unceremoniously dumped into the streets. they didn't forget to send the bill though..

A friend told me about a Doctor in the Tampa area that offered low cost medical care and as soon as I saw him he got me the surgery I needed within a day with a Doctor who took cash. I paid for my gall bladder surgery out of pocket. I felt better, but now something else was happening that I couldn't quite figure out..
On a Not so good day..LOL Chin Up! 

But now something happened to me that had never happened before. I became depressed.

At first I thought it was because of the medical bills and the injustice of finding out that the uninsured have no medical problems that can't be solved by them pulling themselves up by the bootstraps...

But this was something more. I suddenly became terrified of EVERYTHING. I had cold sweats at the prospect of waking up and facing another day. Every night was sleepless, restless and filled with ruminations of impending disaster.

I couldn't leave my home. Even the prospect of cooking something for myself became a horrible exercise in futility. I couldn't remember how to cook, or what to cook. I would panic at the prospect of going shopping or taking a walk. My guts became shaking jelly, my feet were made of clay. I cried uncontrollably everyday and night. Never had I experienced the like of it, and I had experienced much in my lifetime.

Because of this I started talking to my friends and learning I was not alone in my battle. Advice and support poured in from every area of my life. I was determined to tackle this problem as I had all others and succeed..

I was also more determined than ever to stay living in my RV. I love my 5Th Wheel and I don't have the desire to live anywhere else. My DH and I cleared out the back garage of the Toy Hauler and built what I laughingly called my "Hospice" because live or die, I wasn't going back to the Doctors unless I was on a stretcher and unresponsive.

Over the next few weeks I intend to lay out my path of recovery without Doctors or medical advice. Join me if you will for the next chapter in my life as a medical community outcast and what I did to get me living again.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saving Your Own Life After A Major Illness in an RV

Dual 1237 Turntable, DJ Setup
Sometimes, we need to reach into the past in order to move forward. I had been ill for a few years and things real weren't looking good for me. Minimal improvements and lingering symptoms of depression that accompanies major illness take their toll. 

Even when you become "better" it is very hard to shake the oppressiveness of chronic pain and come back to life again once new parameters have been set by your "new and improved" body. 

As I told many people, 'How do you survive something you weren't expected too?' What brings you back into the mainstream of small things being foremost and mortality put back on the shelf? How do you live when you were expected to die?

You'd be surprised how many people who had helped me through my health crisis could no longer be around me since they had already written me off. Sadly, this is an inappropriate way to deal with someone being chronically ill, but it happens and I am left with few friends who are ready for me to resume my former position in life.

This meant I had to create something new of myself, something that was new, yet familiar. 

As I stumbled along with daily symptoms of anxiety, depression and the feeling that the parade had passed me by and turned the corner down the street, I became involved in a live broadcasting site where you could be a music DJ and broadcast a show from your home into the insubstantial internet. I began to watch a live broadcast hosted by a young man named Digital Dave. 

Digital Dave On Vaughnlive
He is a likable personage who plays endless hours of Rock and Roll to a small, yet knowledgeable audience. As I spent countless hours in my zero gravity chair learning to things for myself again I would listen to his Cast and little by little a sense of enjoyment began to grow in me for my old collection of music.

He especially shared his love of old vinyl records, of which I had plenty of in storage. When things look darkest for me, I actually had Doyle go and get my records out of storage where they have languished for decades. No matter where I went or what I did, the albums followed me, even if I did not play them.

When I was a teenager, my parents had become very unstable, and in their wisdom they decided to cut their losses and leave me behind after a short lifetime of extreme abuse to my person. They threw me to the wolves thinking they could outrun their past by doing so. 

The Wanderer LIVE LOL
I ended up with a family many miles away in urban Minneapolis, MN as a Nanny. I would spend all my income, since my needs were met, on record albums. They were my only comfort in a world that had no gravity or air. Music took me places where no one could touch me. A place where there was a chance of survival regardless of ones past.

Fast forward to the day my DH brought home my albums from storage and I took each album out of it's rubbermaid container and hugged them. This was solid. This is what I had been through before. Cast adrift once again with no logical chance of survival, I found solidity in the fact that I had been lost before, and yet I survived to have a better life.

Do not make eye contact with the chicken
Because of this small, yet vital lifeline I began to believe in myself again and the depression began to slowly lift to manageable levels where I could physically function again. I began going to the store with the car stereo blasting full out. I began going for walks again with my ipod and feeling unafraid. 

The real breakthrough came when I actually bought a used record turntable and did my own live cast. Afterwards I experienced, for the first time since my illness, something akin to happiness. I felt 'normal' again. I had purpose. 

If you are in my position, and I'm sure many of you out there are since we all seem to be of a certain age and generation, reach back to your past and find something you can pull forward to today to get you back on your feet. Surely, at some point in your life you were in a situation that looked grim and yet, somehow you survived and became the person you are today. 

Find that situation. Reach out to that person. Bring yourself back to life.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Pork Shoulder Roast BBQ turns out FABULOUS!

Roast after 6 hours of convection Gas Grill
We had a wonderful time on Easter Sunday when everyone turned out to help us cook an Old Fashioned Pork Shoulder Roast in our Convection Gas Holland Grill.

We cooked a 10+ lb Pork Shoulder Roast the Old Way, using directions that our friend the Pit Master gave us. It took more than 6 hours, but resulted in the very best Pork Roast I have ever eaten, and almost a week later we are still eating pulled pork sandwiches!

We seasoned and rubbed the roast

Ready to roast!

Just wish we could've sent out samples!
And we produced a LIVE cooking show about it on Vaughnlive!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Yard Tent Fun Beach Tiki Tent Remodel Lighting and Design EZ Pop Up Tent Makeover

The New Interior of my Modern Tiki Beach Themed Yard Tent

My New Chick Feeder Bird Feeder Wowza!
My yard has been a dry pit for several seasons now. Principally because our neighbor decided to dig up my back yard and plant a huge dish in it while I was hospitalized.

It took a while, but I argued and got the dish removed. I was left with a battle scarred lawn with strange grasses and various woodland carpet plants.

During my illness I never felt comfortable in my backyard. My neighbors have intense nose problems.

I resolved that I was going to build a barrier and did so by putting a 10 by 10 tent between the back of our Fifth Wheel and the boundary fence behind us. This was a tent that had been in use of over seven years and the top was gone, a suitable replacement seemed out of reach at $150.00 when I could buy a new tent for that.

We bought two cheaper yard tents in the meantime and had set them up, one storm had wadded them both up rendering them useless.

Out of those two brown topped white frame and one black frame green sided tent would come something out of a Beach Goers dream.
Not a pretty sight From the wreckage..
One of the things I really wanted to feature in the tent was a vintage wood framed umbrella I had found at a yard sale for $5.00. It had proved to hard to keep from flying away and seemed awkward and lonely in the moon surface like atmosphere of the yard.

Nestled inside the tent it became a shabby chic statue on which to hang lights. I wanted to give just the hint of a jellyfish by having tendrils of shell, copper wrapped glass orbs of light hanging below and golden ratio swirls on the top of umbrella awning.

I used rope light to define the ceiling area, or water surface with slightly undulating waves racing around three sides of the edge.

Nicely lit at night form the outside, nothing to bright..

Midnight at the Oasis... now to find a couch to put the Camel to Bed on! LOL

Legless Flamingo Refuge...

the entire diamond frame has now been rebuilt with Zip Ties

Daytime view, Zp ties replace black electricians tape and Duc Tape used to pin temporarily making a sturdy frame
I still have a long way to go, I need to select flooring get new pots for plants and some kind of seating.. benches for plants and more Chachi...LOL

I hope you enjoy my salvage job makeover yard tent. I just had to use what I have to make something nice. In the end I did spend about $200.. but that was to lights and doodads. Just the structure cost my $50.00 for the new top, everything else was salvage. The interior is also all salvage, the $200. being plants and reliable electrical cords mostly...and a new weed wacker to stand in the corner.

If you want to see the First Part of the transformation from Storm Tossed Junk to New Tiki Tent Click HERE

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

EZ Pop Up Tent Makeover Using Broken Parts Florida Storm Proof Tent

Almost Finished Pop Up Tent Project
Recently a Storm left three yard tents in total disarray. I decided to utilized the broken EZ Pop Up Tent parts to create a garden meditation nook that will withstand Florida Storms for less than fifty dollars, ($50.00).

I think i came out stunning! The only expense was the tent roof itself which cost $50.00 with shipping.

All three failed from the same problem.. water gathering in the pockets between the corners caused sagging and collapse. Florida gets 2-4" at a time and there is no stopping the pooling water if it comes down fast enough. Then the frame collapses under the weight and wind also.
original frame just after the storm, frames on ground left

Temporary TopAll

I took all of the tent frame pieces from the white frame tents with brown tops apart and stacked them on the left on the ground in the picture above. I then took the surviving roof from one of the three tents, (brown), and tried to use it as a temporary top until I could find something more suitable.

The Brown was much smaller than the original roof on the green tent with black frame that had disintegrated and had a hole in the center of the roof for a Copella of sorts. I made do, as the pictures show.
Brown Roof with hole, White frames not attached yet
Now here's the part you have to hang with me on.

I turned the two white frames from the brown topped tents upside down and then half folded them up creating the outer diamond frame walls of the tent.

I then used the extra legs from the broken tents to add extra legs in between the corner posts on the flat walls where the water always gathers, pockets and ruins the tent top. I then extended the former corner angled roof arms up and across the top to meet in the center.

White frames create inner walls like a Yurt legs reinforce
There was a lot of damage to all the joints, but I had enough with the two white tents to get the frame you see fairly assembled with bits and wire and such until I could get a proper roof and then work something else out.

It really looked pretty rough, but at this time I really needed the privacy and the project to get me out of the RV and working on a project.

I found a top on Amazon and decided to take a chance on it since it was only $50.00 shipped.
Even if it was garbage it was light colored and it was reviewed to be a bit big.. which is exactly what I needed to fit my older original 10 year old Gander Mountain frame which was built to freakin' last.

This made it bigger than most modern frames and is the reason the white frames were bundled on the ground and the black frame standing naked against the sky after the storm that took shingles off other's trailer roofs and toppled trees. We saw 70 MPH gusting winds that day with micro-downbursts. The tents went down because of water, but the black frame stood it,  even though the ten year old roof finally failing to pooled water and Florida Sun.

New roof  oversized at top Copella attached to Blk off Brn tent 
Shout out to the fellow RV'er who left the review of the roof I bought for the tent! He really did a good job of relating how the top was great for RV people. He also said it was generously sized and an acceptable fabric. No one likes buying a top that ends sounding the snap crackle pop of the Ol' Blue Tarp in even the slightest breeze. That sold me! LOL

I know I'm going to order another one right away as I don't want to ever have to try to find a new top for at least a decade. This one looks at least like a five year top. Even in the florida sun.

Below you'll see the white frame roof members where I crossed and secured them using parts left over from the frames during the storm. If I wouldn't have had the plastic parts I could easily has just used small 1 1/2" long 1/8" bolts and nuts.
Here are the white frame arms joined at the center of the roof
As you can see in the top picture and also in the final picture, the roof is so big it could probably fit the copella frame entirely.

I actually took the only surviving copella frame and top, stuck it up into the roof between the black frame and the canvas peak. I then wired and duc taped it on.

I didn't have to do this the picture above shows the roof before the copella. It's not that noticeable and the canvas will shrink in time to reduce that slack even further. It wasn't loose enough to look wrinkled or flappy, the reality being there was room and I had the Copella, so I shoved it up there. It will help reinforce the top in a storm, giving it more support.

Semi Finished Tent reenforced walls no Copella in place

Antique Beach Umbrella Suspended in corner
The back wall is from the original Gander Mountain Tent

Just a nice place to take the shade...

So Much left to do! I have to decide on a portable flooring that can withstand Florida weather. We are the highest lot on the place and can still have inches of standing water after the Summer monsoons. I also have to have a right angle prefab wall panel to replace the aging tent walls. All of it has to be second hand or surplus material that appears to be new and modern...LOL Love the Challenge!

I plan using fence panels that match the white panels of the fence around me and build an artificial separate wall that is more like a fence screen than a tent wall. From next door it will look like a fence wall. On the inside it will have a frame that is not necessarily attached to the tent frame and may in fact be attached to temporary fence posts...LOL

I'm very happy with the progress so far, I have achieved several goals that started this project. I need privacy. I needed a shade spot in my yard. I used all scrap materials and labor was only about a ten hours over three days. I wanted to salvage the sturdy frame of the Gander Mountain Tent but I didn't want to store it away nor have it naked and abandoned looking in the back yard. I also wanted semi solid walls in my tent and the yurt type diamond metal frames are perfect for adding he feel of a substantial wall without actually having to build one. As someone who once had a drunk stumble through the side of her tent in Sturgis and did not see it coming.. I like to have something besides fabric between me and people. Especially on a blind side.
So Far it's a Win! Win! Still have to do some wiring on the diamond frames and secure them in place...
Before photo just after the storm

How To Take A Compliment From Donald Trump
Yeah! About time someone did this!

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