Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Pork Shoulder Roast BBQ turns out FABULOUS!

Roast after 6 hours of convection Gas Grill
We had a wonderful time on Easter Sunday when everyone turned out to help us cook an Old Fashioned Pork Shoulder Roast in our Convection Gas Holland Grill.

We cooked a 10+ lb Pork Shoulder Roast the Old Way, using directions that our friend the Pit Master gave us. It took more than 6 hours, but resulted in the very best Pork Roast I have ever eaten, and almost a week later we are still eating pulled pork sandwiches!

We seasoned and rubbed the roast

Ready to roast!

Just wish we could've sent out samples!
And we produced a LIVE cooking show about it on Vaughnlive!

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Unknown said...

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