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What a miraculous idea. Travel across the country in a vehicle reminiscent of a home?  The American people have been doing just that since 1910 in recreation vehicles of all different sizes. The year 2010 marked a century of RVing, and the occasion didn’t go unnoticed. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) dubbed the year the “RV Centennial Celebration,” meant to commemorate the joy people get from RVing.

Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner in Our Road Warrior 361

Mornings preparation area, lots of room, if organized!
Cooking a full-fledged dinner in an RV can be a daunting task, the Suzie Homemaker "Toy" sized oven and lack of counter space makes even the simplest multi-course menu a challenge, but I'm here to say it can be done successfully if a few basic pointers are kept in mind.

Organization  and pre planning is the key, also timing and preparation of various dishes must be scheduled for a successful presentation at the proper time.


Shish Kabob, Kilbasa Gluten, MSG Free!

Klement's Polska Kielbasa

Since we have been back at our Summer home, we now have our Holland Grill out and with us. I sure have missed it, and I wont make the mistake of leaving it behind ever again!

Here we have a nice Gluten Free Kilbasa with no MSG, the brand is Klement's and it's marvelous! This is precooked, we ate it all before I could get a picture! It's on a bed of slice zucchini, summer squash and onion, with lots of butter.
Holland Companion PROPANE Portable Grill, No Flare-up BBQ Grill
Shish Kabob!

And here we have Shish Kabob with mushrroms, green peppers, and sweet onions, marinated in Gluten Free, MSG free marinade by Moore's Marinade.Its a great substitute for Soy Sauce and is low sodium too.
Moore?s Marinade, Original, 16-Ounce (Pack of 6)



Chicken Breast Risotto Creamy Parmesan and Fancy Layer Hamburgers

This is a favorite recipe of mine Risotto Creamy Parmesan dinner with Boneless Chicken Breasts.

I love being able to bread meat with confidence, I can't trust the other brands of breading because of wheat and MSG.

I also used Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce, all of Classico's Sauces are Gluten and MSG Free, including their Tomato Pasta Sauces. Being Gluten Free doesn't mean you have to suffer, if you didn't show people the labels, this dish would be Tops with any crowd!

To start, I mixed up the Risotto using the Alfredo sauce for most of the liquid called for, adding maybe an extra half cup of water to fill it out.

Then I popped it in the grill for one hour with no covering. I used a meat thermometer to judge doneness on the chicken, these days you can't be too careful!

The next night we had some hamburger patties left over from an Event where they wanted hamburgers, normally I make our hamburger patties from scratch, but when we have leftovers from an Event, I have to work them in somehow!



Mac & Cheese Gluten Free!

I'm not going to insult the intelligence of most of you On The Road Gals, most of you are great cooks who would never stoop to a boxed dinner. I, on the other hand, would. My husband adores them and I consider it high sin food myself. 
Gluten Free!

I think if you are being totally honest with yourself, you probably can get out your step stool, crawl to the back of your cupboard and pull one out, now can't you my Dear?...

Today's Dinner is Cheeseburger Mac
straight from the box, with a twist.


Here is our new Chicken Cooking Thingy, one of those things you see at the camping store and just have to get, regardless of the fact we don't have room for it and it's hard to clean...but it makes FANTASTIC chicken. I gather you can cook a turkey on it also, but we would have problems fitting it in the oven....

It's built on the theory by those folks who started cooking chickens on end by standing the carcass on a beer or soda can to make it cook faster and taste better. More..
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