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 The plan I have for my slide out Living area.

The living room slide, as is

Here's my latest idea for making our space more user friendly, (more friendly to us).

The couch would be removed.

I have been agonizing over the possible loss of the couch for some time now, but we really need more work space so I can get office work and sewing/crafts done in our living area.



RV Slide Rebuild, The Couch Is Gone Part 1!

Desks I ordered
Ok, I've talked about it, and told you all about my plans to rebuild my Living room slide area, the day has finally arrived!

The plan was to remove the couch and to install 2 desks, one in each corner and having the dining table in between us. Then add some nice leather ottoman's and have ourselves a nice workspace with all the comforts of a living room. theater area.



RV Slide Rebuild, Let's build the Desks Part 2!

Doyle gets to work

The desks arrived un-assembled but were very sturdy and of quality laminate. The instructions were clear and easy to understand, the units are lock pinned together for a good tight fit.

We were very pleased with the construction and finish  



RV Slide Rebuild, The Ottoman's And Advice! Part 3

My desk set up with leather storage ottoman on left
After we had the desks together we set to wiring and setting up our desktops, we had plenty of room on the really nice heavy desktop for all our goodies that had been in storage for a long time, like my Bose speakers for my computer.

Plenty of room underneath for the rack I made for my external ESATA and USB backup drives without the drawer, (I chose not to install it at this time), I may cut the rack down and and install the drawer later.

RV Slide Rebuild The Big Reveal! Then to Now!

Original Interior Delivery Day September 2010

Flatscreen TV Hutch Transormation (Hide the wires)

Most of us have a flat screen TV housed in an cabinet that has many connections, wires and tie downs visible. Ours is no exception, and this picture was taken before I added my ipod connections which has a nest of white wires running all over the place.
I needed a solution that would allow the TV to be secured by it's travel strap, allow the TV to be moved in and out on its arm and yet cover the unsightly tangle. 


Our Bedroom TV Wall Mount in an RV

Here is the way we added a TV bracket to our RV bedroom, we couldn't find stud support for the bracket, so we added a 3/4 inch plywood laminate board, (from an old desk), to the wall and screwed it in securely to the top and bottom where we knew there was support. More...

Doyle's End of the Toy Hauler

OK, I know all you Guys out there are sayin' "Enough of the Girlie Stuff, what's Doyle going to do with that Garage?"More..


RV Under Bed Fabric Storage

Bolts ends out
As part of my Spring rebuild, I had to get a grasp of just what I needed and where I needed it.

I had most of my fabric in storage, or in a large cabinet above the TV. It wasn't working for me. I had to stand on a ladder to access the fabric and most of it was buried out of sight. More...


RV Loft Bedroom Craft Storage Area

The bedroom loft in our Road Warrior was a hodge-podge storage area, we don't have people sleeping over, so I just stacked totes from the head to Move...






Most Fifth Wheelers and campers have them, those nice looking oval wall lights. There's only one problem, they are brighter than the morning sun when lit, (blinding, perhaps is a better word for it).

I solved this problem by removing the lens assembly..More...


Keeping warm in a cold place, Long term living in your RV

This topic recently came up on the escapees forum, so I thought it would bear repeating my advice here in case you don't keep up with that forum. I am a lifetime veteran of sub-zero weather and mobile homes, if you are enclosing the trailer tightly with skirting, you may want to put down a vapor barrier in the cement pad or ground, a great deal of condensation can rise up from the earth, get trapped and do some dry rotting and surface rust of metal members. A good 8 mil. plastic will do quite nicely and is cheap enough. More...

All About Bears and Living With Them

Bear Attacks Campground Closures in Yellowstone Country
I read this story from a link on RVnetwork
about bears attacking people in a campground near Yellowstone national Park. The following was my reply to concerns about bears eating people and how to act in bear country.

Being from black bear country, one has only a false sense of security in a hard side camper, a determined bear can open any structure it wishes to. I have seen houses, trailers and cars opened up like cheap cans. More...

This is in response to an RV'er wanting to copy their movie files to an external drive to watch at a later date without having to load the DVD. More...

Kindle a Great Idea for Full Time RV Folk!
Amazon's Kindle 3
After looking at my "mobile" library, I began to despair at the weighty knowledge that some of my good friends would not be traveling with me. The idea of leaving behind my leather bound classics such as Homer's "Odyssey" and Shakespeare's Plays left me limp and sweaty. More...

Mornings preparation area, lots of room, if organized!

Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner in Our Road Warrior 361

Cooking a full-fledged dinner in an RV can be a daunting task, the Suzie Homemaker "Toy" sized oven and lack of counter space makes even the simplest multi-course menu a challenge, but I'm here to say it can be done successfully if a few basic pointers are kept in mind.

Organization  and pre planning is the key, also timing and preparation of various dishes must be scheduled for a successful presentation at the proper time.

When planning the menu, try to keep it simple, trying to prepare a dozen dishes can lead to a less than successful result for all of them. Stick with just a few..More...

The Old Mess

Kitchen redo "Exposure is The Best Motivator"

Nothing motivates me more than being caught with my cupboards open. The other day I just went nuts and took pictures before I had had enough coffee to know better. Being in that idiot mode I wrote a blog about it and posted them.

Seeing the mess got me to take a good look at how my kitchen was working, (or not). So today I took everything out the the cupboards, cleaned them out and set about reorganizing things to be more useful for me.

It was also time to deal with all the "wheat products" foods that I am no longer allowed. More...

Why not the iPod touch with all its bells and whistles?

 160 GB is why!

If you are a crusty old Hippy, (like I am), you have thousands of songs you have redigitized onto you computer from your vast CD collection, (Yes, I still have my vinyl safely tucked away)....

You also, (I hope), have digitally converting you DVD's onto your computer too...(see article here about how I did this)

Then there are those videos you've made of your "Great RV Journey" in the bush and of those videos of your precious Grandchildren you hardly ever get to see now that you are on the road. More....


Cleaning Your RV Walls, Windows & Carpets The Green Way

Keeping a RV clean is just about impossible, seems everywhere we set up there is nothing but dirt, dirt and more dirt being tracked in, blown in and just appearing on every surface possible.

It's like some kind of curse.

The worst part is we don't have a lot of room for many cleaning devices and they must be effective and compact. Here are two products I've used extensively that work. More...

Many of us just don't want to deal with satellite TV anymore, setting up the dish, aiming it, avoiding blockage from trees and other obstacles is just too much to deal with.

Roof mounted dishes are hard to have installed, expensive and you have to park somewhere you have an unobstructed view of the Southern sky. More...

Vacuum Storage Bags Save The Day!

Here is a photo of my under bed storage space which was filled with my collection of wool blankets.


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