RV Park Pet Peeves

And how about these folks who just moved into the back of our trailer when we weren't looking?
  1.  People who are sure since everyone else has been so nice to properly restrain their pets that they alone can let theirs run free. There are usually at least two of these people at every campground. These same folks believe their pet never goes to the bathroom, they look away as "Junior" deposits his present and scurry off to leave the pile for someone else in bare feet to find.
  2. Those Who Wash Their RV's surreptitiously at RV Campgrounds that forbid camper washing. Like we can't see you sneaking around with that six foot water wand....
  3. People Who Hoard the washer/dryers for at least 12 loads.
  4. RV Inspectors: Have to take a real good look at you and your rig for hours on end. Their surveillance is so intense you can actually feel their eyes on you through the curtained windows. If you greet them they run away. They also have a horror story about your home. "They burn like candles", he intimates..
  5. The Folks Who Pull Right Up Next to You when the park is empty. I like people, but I don't want to look out my kitchen window and see what you are doing in your bathroom unless the park is full and we are forced to close confines. Even then I'm going to pull the shades and turn down the lights so I can see what's going on better. (see: 4. Inspector)
  6. People who have to shower alone, even if there are 10 privacy stalls. They lock the main bathroom door, or barricade it so no one can even use the toilets. No one is that special.
  7. Grounds Keepers. Who fire up the lawn mowers at dawn and mow directly under my slide out when there are 10 acres of lawn they could've mown first.
  8. Rope Light People. 350 feet of rope light does not mean you can enlarge the size of your lot by steadily toeing your rope out further and further. Lighting it does not mean you own it.
  9. Fire Wood Mongers. You know who you are. You're paranoid about the world ending and running out of free firewood. We saw you take it all, so the point is moot, we know where to come get it back...if we need to.....
  10. Crying Baby Parents. All children cry. When they cry all weekend there is something wrong. Or there will be....
  11. Yard Ornament People. yard ornaments are like graveside flowers, at some point you must let them go.
  12. Hibernating Types. There is an exterior door that leads to the outside. It is a portal into the outside world. Come on out so I don't have to spend so much time sneaking peaks in your windows. (see: 4. Inspectors)
  13. Unexpected Company. Three in the morning and suddenly your the neighbors best friend. Try being my friend when your sober and the sun is out.
  14. The Technician. Builds a vast solar array and greenhouse gas gathering power plant just for something to do before dinner. (I tried plug my DC Hair Dryer into the Black Water Receptacle)
  15. The Borrower. Needs anything you have on your lot. Will never bring it back. Probably sells at the Flea Market.
  16. The Guardian. Pulls Sentinel Duty all night. Creepiest Guy in the Park. Nothing goes down on his watch. Makes me go inside and stop looking in peoples windows. (see: 4. Inspector)
  17. The Musician. The only instrument he can play is the radio. At top volume so all can enjoy his taste in abhorrent cat torture tunes.


MyTinyTropicalGarden said...

From Kathy Scozzari: Mike and I just got back from a two week trip to Philly and Boston (doing an Am Rev as one NPS girl put it) and we stayed at a KOA outside of Springfield, Mass.....nice place, but obviously a "buy a spot" campground previously. One woman had two - yes TWO - tv sets out under her furnished awning...sofa, coffee table, "rope lights" , fans, the whole 9 yards! It was comical as Mike and I set up our modern tent next to my little Rav4!

Karen said...

This is great! I especially love #5. Why do you want to be so close to me? There are 300 empty spots! geez.

Kitty said...

Love this!! Love your blog, as well. We just got our Heartland road Warrior RW 405 and LOVE it! So sorry to read about Katie Rose...we lost our Boone in October and still mourn. Hope to see y'all on the black seas and hopefully taste that home cookin! Feel free to follow us at www.kittylovespirate.blogspot.com

Alex Davis said...

funny stuff...

Unknown said...

I think these list of pet peeves at a RV park are good to keep in mind so that you won't be one of those people always bothering the other people around you. It is always good to be kind and courteous to those around you and so I hope that anyone with an RV will keep these tips and information in mind. Is there anything else that people with a RV should keep in mind or remember? http://summitresorttexas.com/rv_park.html

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